Thursday WOD

Thursday: MG

100 Push-ups for time

Any failure requires 10 double unders to buy back in

Wednesday WOD

Wednesday: MGW

3 Rounds for time

500 m row

12 Thrusters (115/75)

12 Box Jumps (24/20)

No daycare for Tuesday night classes

There will be no daycare for the 5:30 or 6:30 classes.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday WOD

Tuesday: GW

Skill- EMOM for 12 minutes

1 Clean and Jerk

Increase Load each minute, however the weight should not be so heavy that the rep is missed. 

AMRAP in 12 minutes

12 Overhead squats (115/75)

6 Pull-ups

9 Push Press (115/75)

Monday WOD

Monday: M  Heat advisory- I would suggest keeping the overhead doors closed

Skill: Barbell lunge 3 x 8 each leg

For time: 100 Double Unders
Row 250 m
75 Double Unders
Row 500 m
50 Double Unders
Row5 00 m
75 Double Unders
Row 250 m

100 Double Unders