Friday WOD

Friday: (WG)

By special request of Sherona Gonzales

12 min AMRAP

12 Snatches (95/65) Either full squat snatch or deep split with alternating legs so that either way your hip crease is getting below parallel. 

3 Muscle-ups (use bands on the low rings if needed so that the actual muscle up movement is accomplished)

Thursday WOD

Thursday: (W)

By special request from “Bro”nan Karmire

“The Horrible Hundred”25 Deadlifts 215/173
25 Squat Clean and Jerk 125/83
25 Thrusters 75/53
25 OHS 45/33

Men will load the 45# bar in the following order: 15# then 25# then 45#. Women will load the 33# bar in the following order: 10# then 15# then 45#. Strip a set of plates off after each movement is completed. This should be a quick burner.

Wednesday WOD


Much needed Rest Day

Love your foam roller so your foam roller will love you. Train the hollow body from a variety of positions. Prone, Plank, and Hanging. Make sure feet are together and toes are pointed forward. 

Slow and controlled

50 Hip extensions 

50 GHD Sit-ups

50 reverse hypers

Tuesday WOD

Tuesday: Lick Your Wounds from Monday or (M)

After a thorough warm-up we are going to so some threshold training. Please refer to the video link below to get an idea of what this WOD should look like. 


60 second Wild Man

Grab a partner to be your hype man and time keeper for this WOD. I would suggest not even looking at the monitor and let the time keeper take care of keeping track of your distance. When you regain consciousness then you can swap roles.

4-5 Rounds

Row for distance as hard as possible for 1 minute

Rest 3-4 minutes between efforts

These should be an all out effort with absolutely nothing being held back. 

Friday WOD


4 – 3 min rounds

– 500 m row, then….

– max rep front squats (115/75)

** 1 min rest between rounds