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We welcome out of town visitors. Drop In rates are $20 per day. Please contact us to let us know when you plan to visit. 
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THURSDAY, November 23 - 8:00 am Thanksgiving Day WOD - Visitors Welcome!


Evansville’s First CF Box in the Tri-State Area

At Evansville CrossFit, we have over 10 CF-L1 (Level 1) trainers having multiple CrossFit certifications. Take advantage of our CrossFit promo at just $350 and reap the benefits of our 3 months membership without any contract. Call at 812-867-6466 or 812-205-0131 for more information. Contact us from Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Serving the Community

Evansville CrossFit is active in local as well as CrossFit community. You'll be amazed to know that every year we participate in several events that support the local and global community, such as Komen Race For The Cure, Sweat Angels, Barbells For Boobs, Lift Up for Luke, Midwest Dragonboat Races, WOD for Dogs, MURPH Foundation, and many more.
Apart from attending events, we host a wide array of charity events and in-house competitions throughout the year. Holiday WODs are common as well as HERO WODs.
Supportive Environment

A Supportive Environment

You'll enjoy our family-friendly environment, where each athlete supports one another. We're proud of the fact that each year, one or more athletes of Evansville CrossFit get qualified for the CrossFit Regional games.
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